Postgraduate Research Students

Masters Students


  1. Muhammad Ahmed Kalwar, ” Application of Multi Server Queueing Model for Improving the Healthcare Performance at Liaquat National Hospital Karachi”. 2018
  2. Qamar J. Kokab, ” Implementation of Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Textile Industry and Its Impact on Performances”. 2019
  3. Aziz Memon, Implementation of Six Sigma using DMAIC Approach in the Pharmaceutical Industry. 2019
  4. Shoukat Ali, “Cleaner Production Assessment in Medium Density Fiber Board Industry”. 2019 [M.E Environment Engineering & Mangement]
  5. Asif Nawaz Wasan, “Impact of Total quality management (TQM) practices on Sustainability and Organisational performance”. 2020
  6. Kanwal Bai, “Analyzing Consumer Buying Behavior Toward Green Products”. 2020
  7. Masroor Ali, “Multi Objective Modelling of Biomass Supply Chain Considering Economic, Environmental and Social Aspects”. 2020

In Progress

  1. Rasool Bux, “GIS based Multi Criteria Decision Model for Locating Waste Transfer Station Facilities: A Case Study of Qasimabad Hyderabad”.
  2. Pireh Panwhar, “Operational Constraints in Adopting E-Payment System: A Study of Hyderabad”.
  3. Anum Memon, ” Consumer awareness regarding Halal Purchasing”.
  4. Ayaz Channar, “Analyzing Operational constraints in the implementation of Drug Law in Retail drug chain”.
  5. Sheeraz Ali, “Identifying and Mitigating the Factors causing Post-Harvest Losses in
    Supply Chain of Inland Fish Industry: A Study of Badin Fish Industrial Cluster”.
  6. Farhan, “Occupational Stress among the Employees in the Construction Industry of Pakistan”.
  7. Touqeer Ahmed, “Compensation Management in Local and CPEC projects in Pakistan”.
  8. Aqsa Korejo, “Multi-criteria Decision Making Approach for Suitable Biogas Plant Location for Cattle Colony Karachi Region”.
  9. Sadia, “Lean Management Implementation in Health Care: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Hospitals”.

PhD Students

In Progress

  1. Rano Khan Wasan, “Modelling and Analysing Triangular Integration of Lean, Green and Six Sigma (LGSS) Practices for Sustainable Growth of SME’s”.