About Me


Muhammad Saad Memon is an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology in Jamshoro, Pakistan with expertise in the areas of resilient and sustainable supply chain management, uncertain and fuzzy production planning, and multi-criteria decision making. Dr. Memon joined the faculty as a Lecturer in 2010.

Dr. Memon attended Mehran University in a four-year bachelor of the engineering program, and thereafter graduating with honors, he joined the Department of industrial engineering at Mehran University as a Lecturer in 2010. 

A list of his novel publications includes Group multi-criteria supplier selection using combined grey systems theory and uncertainty theory. Expert Systems with Applications, 42(21), 7951-7959.Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chain Network Design under Disruption Risks. Sustainability, 6(10), 6666-6686.; and Analysis of Traceability Optimization and Shareholder’s Profit for Efficient Supply Chain Operation under Product Recall Crisis. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2015.

In 2012, Dr. Memon was the distinguished recipient of a prestigious four-year full scholarship to undertake a Ph.D. program in Industrial Engineering at Hanyang University, South Korea. Demonstrating exceptional diligence and scholarly prowess, he successfully completed his doctorate in Industrial and Management Engineering in the spring of 2016.

Subsequent to his academic accomplishment, Dr. Memon’s prodigious research contributions have been recognized in various academic mediums. His work has been extensively published across a multitude of scientific journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings, embodying a testament to his influential role in the realm of Industrial Engineering and Management (see list at Google scholar).