Dr. Memon is one of Pakistan’s Leading supply chain academician.

My main field of research is Supply chain and Operations Management, but I am a student of the broader area of Industrial Engineering and Management. During graduate school and the first few years after finishing my doctorate, I worked primarily with Professor Young Hae Lee, concentrating on the sustainable supply chain and multicriteria decision making techniques. For more than a decade starting from 2010, my work focused on supply chain analytics. This constituted a journey that ended up leading me deeper into the study of the modern supply chain (resilient and sustainable). During 2012–2016, my main project was an investigation of the topic of “traceability in supply chain" and “sustainable and resilient supply chain”—taking industrial engineering techniques such as multicriteria decision making, fuzzy and uncertainty theories, and linear/nonlinear programming. In connection with this, I also investigated the humanitarian supply chain and disaster risk management. I have recently investigated and developed mathematical models on the topics related to my original field of research: the biogas supply chain, drone logistics application in disaster management, sustainable waste management operations, and lean techniques in healthcare. [For those who are interested, a complete research publication list is available here]

Drone (UAV) based Emergency System

Developed drone-based logistics network for post-disaster rescue operations.

Sustainable Biogas Supply Chain Network

Developed sustainable biogas supply chain network for cattle colony Karachi, Pakistan.

Sustainable Waste Management System

Proposed sustainable and economical waste management system for Qasimabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

Vehicle Routing with Manual Material Handling

Developed vehicle routing model considering manual material handling operations.

We welcome all topics relevant to supply chain and operations management. However, our interesting research areas are:

  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Closed-loop supply chain
  • Agriculture and Food supply chain
  • Energy supply chain
  • Ergonomics in operations management
  • Ergonomic aspects of product design
  • Internet of Things implementation in SCOM
  • Robust and Resilient supply chain
  • Energy production and distribution management

Dr Memon is one of the highest cited Industrial Engineer in Pakistan

40+ Publication with 1000+ Citation

h-index is 13 since 2016

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